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“They don’t call when they say they will, they don’t plan ahead when you actually do get a date, and they don’t seem to own a real shirt anymore.

Apparently you move to Florida and all you can have in your closet is T-shirts and polos.” She actually had one suitor show up to their first date 20 minutes late wearing a filthy Hooter’s shirt. ” Things could have been worse: He could have seemed perfect from the start.

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In fact, talk to virtually any single woman over 40 in Southwest Florida and you’ll hear a similar story: multiple women for every man, unresponsive online matches, a shallow dating pool, and, of the relatively few dateable men around, poor manners and an understanding they are a hot commodity.

“They feel like they don’t really need to put any work in,” says Catherine Clarkson*, a 58-year-old divorcée who’s lived in Naples since 2010.

“I’m thinking I’m either hard to match—wonderful as I am—or this is a geographically undesirable area for me,” says Eddy, who splits her time between homes in Fort Myers and the Panhandle.

It rarely causes comment, even nowadays, when a younger woman marries an older man, even a much older man.

Maybe there is half a minute of a slightly raised eyebrow and then the matter is forgotten.

And however venerable Dame Joan Bakewell may now appear, we recall that her steamy past included not only an affair with Harold Pinter, but a 26-year marriage to a man eleven years her junior.

These women are all of course famous names, and more or less any titbit about them will make news.

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  1. Particular differences have been observed between the sexes in terms of understanding sexual desire both with regard to one's own sexual desires, as well as what others desire sexually.