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He will develop underarm hair, broader shoulders, and sweat glands. The age at which puberty begins is unique per child.

The blade on your razor will eventually become blunt.

But you see, we have found that that typically just causes escalating nonsense that can get totally out of control. But not to worry, registration here is free and fairly painless!

And before you know it, we have a full-fledged civil war, with everyone forced to choose which side they're on, often without knowing all -- or ANY -- of the real facts. Here's more info on some of the stuff you'll find here at Orgasmanic: PROFILES: Click on someone's name to see their profile, view their pics, learn more about them, and even send them a private message (PM).

When this happens, you should change the blade or get a new razor. But as you get older you may have to start shaving more often.

An erection is when your penis goes hard and stiff.

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