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Online Services https:// Online services section provides information on various aspects of this market segment, with topics covered in this section including historical and forecast performance, client demographics and use major market developments, positives and negatives of online vs. Dating Service Market" report sections include: Industry Size and Growth https:// Industry size and growth section provides three years of historical performance data and a five-year forecast for the market overall and by market segment, with segments for which data is separately reported including websites and apps, independent matchmakers, date coaches, phone chat lines, radio station datelines, brick-and-mortar firms, singles organizations and events, and speed dating.As a result, marketing costs for new firms are disproportionally high.The online dating industry is dominated by several large corporations with a handful of well-known websites.Of course there are sites aimed at specific religious or ethnic groups, but there are also those who aim to match couples with very specific interests.The Passion Network, for example, is a small empire of 250 dating hubs like Thanks to the growth of such sites, the industry has expanded at 3.5 percent a year since 2008 — right through the recession — to become a .1 billion powerhouse.

Often, “browsing” will be free, but messaging or contacting other users will require a subscription.

When it comes to finding love, "there's a lid for every pot," as the saying goes.

These days, online dating makes it easier than ever to find your "lid." While dominated by big name, mass audience sites, like and e Harmony, a growing number of niche sites are finding success targeting singles looking for something very specific.

That means making a dent as a new player will be harder than ever since many will have to build a database of users from scratch, says IBISWorld analyst Jeremy Edwards.

To survive, they'll need a novel marketing strategy and a focus on untapped potential , just 21 percent of Internet users agreed with the statement "people who use online dating sites are desperate," an eight point drop from the last poll in 2005.

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Turns out, it’s also a winning strategy on Tinder, the seminal swipe-right or swipe-left dating app that lets users choose to Tech Take A Look At The Most ‘Right-Swiped’ Jobs on Tinder Turns out, little boys who dreamt of becoming glamorous pilots were onto something. said they use online dating and mobile dating apps, according to the Pew Research Tech How to Turn an Online Love Match Into a Real Date If you’re currently single and somehow convinced you should have a date for Valentine’s Day this Sunday, the power of data analysis might be able to help.

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