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I mean, sure, she’s got a major label record deal, is one of only a handful of black women to run her own record label, is one of the most critically acclaimed artists working, and is making a good living while making art according to her own vision and nobody else’s, but her best-performing album only hit #5 in the charts, so obviously she’s doing something wrong.And looking at her work and her career, I think I know what her problem is: she’s never had a white male science fiction fan whose only credentials for writing about music are having co-authored a book about They Might Be Giants write a detailed guide to her work.But in Hong Kong, the mats are meticulously preset in perfect rows, so I have no choice but to surrender and hope the mats get a thorough cleaning between classes.As the other students chat loudly in Cantonese, I have a mini-internal crisis about which way to sit.Presumably, our teacher will sit on the small platform in the front of the room, but facing it means I'm sitting sideways on my mat.So I turn sideways, then forward, then sideways again like a cat trying to curl up in the right spot.(14 comments) The June bonus post, as voted upon by my generous Patrons.

The sources made clear the scale of the plan after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying unveiled the idea in his speech.

The bulk of Monáe’s work consists of the five (and counting) part Metropolis Saga, released over two albums and an EP, and currently projected to run for seven parts, although it was previously slated as four parts.

The suite focuses on the stories of Monáe’s alter-ego Cindi Mayweather, a time-traveling android.

Anyone in this virtual-metropolis can put anything online, and once it is there anyone can access it.

Like any metropolis, the web has neighborhoods, some safer and some horrific.

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An "East Lantau Metropolis" could rise from the sea between Hong Kong and Lantau islands over the next 50 years, with the government looking at the possibility of reclaiming more than 1,000 hectares of land, government sources said.

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