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” On the cell phone video shot by Adeniyi, Wetzel, with hate in his eyes, stares right at the young student and says, “F--k you. F--k you,” right before slapping Adeniyi in the face. SUPPORTER Among them are full fledged white supremacists, discharged Marines, violent senior citizens and now men like Wetzel.Reached by phone Monday, Wetzel claimed that it was indeed him on the video, but said “I’m not a racist or hateful, I just got caught up. I want to apologize to this young man and maybe take him out to dinner or something.” We’re getting a clearer picture of the type of supporters Donald Trump is attracting to his rallies. While Trump continues to blame the anger at his rallies on job loss and the economy, it’s obvious now that many of them are just genuinely bad human beings."While film festival and college campus audiences have loved , these Chicago screenings are our first opportunity to show that a diverse, big-city audience will love it too." Weiss wrote Samantha as a Jewish scientist because she wanted to defy the notion that science and faith can't mix."People always think science and faith are so different or that scientists aren't superstitious but if you grow up a certain way, it's going to affect your way of thinking," Weiss says.Soon, she’d attracted enough customers to buy a bigger vehicle.

Local businesses that cater to busy families and professionals, handle homefront chores and give us the glue we need to make modern life a little bit easier have found a market in Keller.Wetzel should be immediately charged with assault or battery for slapping Adedayo Adeniyi.It was violent, unnecessary and completely unprovoked.Following a hiking accident in August 2016, Chris sustained a traumatic brain injury.While he continues to make great progress, the road to recovery will be lengthy.

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